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Colors wow gear suggests stage of item/rarity.

Like some other person mentioned:

Gray = trash (just promote it)

White = standard things (products, lower reduced equipment, and so forth)

Green = Unheard of (could be material or gear largely)

Blue = Rare (once more, might be equipment or substances)

Purple = Epic (high-end uncommon things, ordinarily the most effective you can obtain while in the recreation)

Orange = Renowned (hard to find, rather very few inside recreation, commonly weapons)

Light-Orange/Brown = Heirloom goods (see down below).

So, all substances and equipment could be colored numerous. Maelstrom crystals for enchanting, by way of example, are usually not gear, but they are even now labeled in PURPLE text.

Heirlooms: You buy these from heirloom distributors at lvl 85, they regularly could be acquired with Justice Details (you can get from killing highest LVL dungeon bosses and random regular dungeons while in the dungeon finder). They scale up using your character as you level from 1 – eighty. It is really fantastic to obtain some to your minimal people considering that as soon as you receive it you do not have to consistently seek out gear whenever you level. The stats increase with every amount you go up till you hit stage eighty. (They could be traded or mailed with your other people.)

NOW, for stats along with the one who stated you had caster gear. Initial you need to know the variations of gear.

Plate: Equipment for Warriors, Death Knights, Paladins

Mail: Gear for Shamans and Hunters

Leather: Gear for Rogues and Druids

Cloth: Equipment for Priests, Mages, and Warlocks.

So, every course is limited. A priest can not dress in larger than fabric, and also a Rogue cannot have on larger than leather-based. So a priest can’t wear mail, leather-based, or plate armor. But you, to be a Paladin, are on the very best. You may put on any armor cheaper than yours. Which means you can dress in each of the varieties of armor. But Blizzard typically applies specified aspects to every equipment. Indicating even if you may dress in cloth equipment it truly is not nearly as good for you to use it as putting on plate could be.

Each and every course has other smaller stats. Regularly casters have these stats:



Strike Chance


Melee courses have these:





Usually, those people will be the stats. So if you are a paladin and you’re not a healer you need to be carrying plate armor, and also you must have primarily energy and stamina on the equipment, NOT INTELLECT. Each stat influences wow items you in the specific way. Haste increase your assault level and casting level (lowers enough time you will need to solid a spell to illustrate) so it can be beneficial for equally casters and melee classes, together with healers (simply being casters very).


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